Anouka: Exploring

After leaving my bag in the cabin I decide to go exploring the ship and hopefully find something to eat! On my way down the corridor I begin to wonder what kind of people I'll meet on this ship.

It's actually a special ship, it travels on a different plane to reality. I found that out by reading the little pamphlet left beside my bed in the cabin.

Everywhere that it stops, it only visits once every seven years in realtime. In nowhere time, it's just a regular ship. I'm wondering about the history of the ship when I walk out into a massive dining area.

How on earth can this be possible....?

And then I check myself and I remember... we're on the nowhere plane. I take a seat at a table and I'm looking at the menu when suddenly a waiter appears at my side. "Madam?" he bows his head slightly as he waits for me to order.

Oh yeah.. I could definitely get used to this....

The End

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