Bliss: Escape

"Yes, I am! I can leave you, I'm a legal adult!" I screamed, and slammed the door behind me. I ran, as fast as I could.

The wind stung my cheeks, even more so now that boiling tears were streaming uncontrollably down them. My feet, which should be viciously slapping against the pavement, were light against the cold slabs. My long, bright red, silky hair flew behind me as I raced through the empty streets like a bullet. I could feel my bright, jade green eyes filling with moisture still. I eventually stopped, at the harbour. There it was.

A big ship sailed towards me. I guess I should explain.

I'm Bliss Crystal. An eighteen year old girl from England, but brought up in Italy. Not very well.

My Father had died in an airplane crash. He was on a business trip, part of a giant company. My life fell apart when the news was brought back. The plane, it had plummeted, from 38,000 ft. They had spiralled towards the ground, no survivors.

I couldn't even bare to let go of him for that mere two weeks. Imagine what I felt like when he was never coming back. And I was only ten.

My Mother had started abusing me; there was nothing I could do. I had no friends. She deliberately went through days - weeks, to be exact - of arguing on the phone, money, and horrible things just so she could home school me.

But of course, she never taught me anything.

I glanced down at a giant scar down my right arm. It started at the top of my shoulder and trailed right down to my wrist, spiralling from the outside of my arm to the inside of my elbow, out to the outside, and then sliced across my wrist. I shuddered. She had gotten angry with me, when I had asked for an apple; I hadn't eaten in three days. She grabbed a sharp knife and cut my arm. The pain was unbearable, I thought about grabbing the knife and just stabbing myself altogether. But I knew my Dad, looking down from the heavens with his angel friends, would not be proud of me.

Of course, you're thinking I should have phoned childline or something. But she had already thought of that. She cut me off from all outside communication. She hid the phone from me, kept the television off when I was in the same room as her. That was when I thought of my plan.

You could do anything when you was a legal adult, eighteen. She had threatened that she would do something horrible to me on my eighteenth. I would get up at four AM and escape. I didn't know where, until I heard somebody had disappeared on some type of boat, by recieving the paper when my Mum was in bed. I did the math, the same had happened, according to the paper, seven years before. So it took seven years to circle. Great, it would make an appearance on my eighteenth birthday.

And so we've come full circle. Then the boat pulled up, and I jumped on quickly, before anyone would realise; not that the streets weren't derelict enough anyways.

The End

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