The Ship To Nowhere

The Ship is the place for characters who need to go on a journey. Everyone is welcome!

I walk up the gangplank of the ship and look around.

Caribbean Sunrise

It's a nice name for a ship I suppose. The Captain nods at me as I catch her eye and I notice that she's got a long scar down one cheek. I wonder how she got that? I'll ask sometime during the voyage.

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Anouka. I'm one of the last of the royal family of a tribe from a place called Terakia. We always manage to find each other but lately I'm beginning to see less and less of my people and I'm worried. That's why I've decided to take this boat out to the Bermuda Triangle. When we pass by I'm going to jump into the water. It's our point of origin. Our gateway to the dimension we come from.
Terakia needs me. I can feel it.

I wander around the ship and realise that it must be in some way magical. There's so much room here, and anything that I want or need arrives when I think about it.
I make my way below deck and find that there are loads of individual cabins.
Pushing open the door of one I gasp and slowly take my backpack off my back and drop it on the floor.

Now this is my idea of travelling in style! The room is big, theres a porthole window near the bed and I can see out under the ocean. A fish swims past and I smile.
How I have missed the sea.

I wonder who else is travelling on the ship.

The End

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