Denis: Powers?

"Can Sam come in here?" The last of my spaghetti disapeared, what? I'm a boy, it's food- amazing food- and I've been running all night, what do you expect?

"No, this house is protected. Only we can enter, that is, of course, unless any of us invite someone else in."

"So, I could get my family and friends to come here?" Leah pipes up a look of glee on her face.

Zander sighs , shaking his head mournfully. "I wouldn't count on it, sure, in thought you could get them to come here. But, as I've said before, it could be just too dangerous, the darkness is growing and becoming more and more dangerous.

"You see, there have always been the classically good and bad spirits and beings. Humans being an of the exception, as they can have an equal mixture of both good and bad in them. Although everyone or thing obviously has some of the other side in, like you all have a bit of darkness in you say, when you argue.

"It's hard to explain really, but the old angels either fell from grace or were killed. I was... am the only good angel left. My cousin is a... um... dark angel, if that makes any sense to you. The orbs and I have been protected, that is until they claimed you. Not the darkness knows about you and will stop at nothing until they get your power."

"Bloody hell,"  I sigh

"Can we fight them?" Tia asks, pushing her half-full plate of spaghetti away from her.

"That's not for me to decide, that's your decision." Zander's eyes linked with Tia's until Holly coughed, bringing the blushing pair back to earth...I think

"Wait so you say our names are conected to the orbs right?"


"Well my last name's Shadow and you said about the dark angels, does that mean I have a connection with them?"

Zander lost himself in though "Perhaps, but I would not suggest it"

I nod slowly "So Zander, what powers do we get, I assume that these orbs come with responsiblity and powers, like a defence, especially if we fight the bad guys"

"Yes, you all have powers"

"What powers do I have?" my eyes light up

"You can bend shadows, use it as a sheild, a cover, you can also use it as an offence, you just have to think about what you want it to do"

I smiled that sounds pretty cool. I glanced at Holly from the corner of my eyes and winked, concentrating on tapping Tia's shoulder.

"Hey, who did that?"

I laugh "Sorry, I just wanted to try it out"

The End

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