Tia: Kitchen

"What are you making?" I jump and spin round to see Zander. Loads of people are moving out of the livingroom which I can just see the door of behind him. I give out a big sigh of relief.

"I decide to make something for everyone so I'm making pasta with tomarto sauce" I say turning back to chop the onions. "I hope no one's allergic to any of the ingredients or they'll just end up with pasta.... This kitchen's loaded"

I turn to reach up trying to get a herb but I just can't reach. A hand pick it out of the cupboard and I look back over my shoulder to see Zander. Are eyes meet...... but I don't feel a connections.

Its like my mind reaches out to go inside his... and hits a blank wall. I wince closing my eyes. Slowly I open them agains and look at him confused. "What are you hiding?" I whisper.

Zander opens his mouth to speak then closes it and shakes his head. He places the herbs in my hand and moves over to the cooker. "Lets just get cooking. How can I help?"

I smile slightly then instruct him on what he has to do. We chop mix and cook all the ingrediants fresh... even the pasta which is spaghetti.

Then when its finished we carry it into the dinning room. I turn to the door and shout. "Food's Up Guys"

I hear slow walking and everyone files in. I take a seat next to Zander and it seems that there are four seats either side of the table.

Holly and Denis sit on the right with Me and Zander while on the left it goes. Max, Miya, Leah and Will.

"Bon appetit" I say then pick up my cutelry and everyone copies begining on their food.

The End

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