Denis Shadow: Okay

I should have guessed Zander would side step my question, I mean it's not like he has any proof that'll make him trust me. I look shady to somepeople so i shouldn't be surprised.

"I think I'm gonna go check out my room, later" I got up, folding the blanket up and placing it on the seat. What? It's rude to leave people's houses in a mess.

I walk quickly from  the room and up the stairs, I dd not like the atmosphere in there, it was way too tense and...intimidating. The doors are all well labeled, library, study, kitchen..and rooms with names on...our last names. Lets, rainbow, shadow! guesse thats my room then. I smile and open the door "" the bed is made of oak, the bedding is dark, he carpet is bright white and shapes are painted on the walls...shadows. I laugh and sit on the bed, taking the rest in. A wardrobe, bathroom, way, a book case! Yes!

Before I get too lost in this place, I need to ask Zander about that sam guy, he really gave me the creeps, well, me and max both. I bolt from the room and narrowly miss running into another girl...."Uh, hi. I'm Denis"

"Holly" she mumbles. I look at her and smile, she didn't strike me as the type to be shy....

"I don't mean to be rude but, did you used to work at the italian resteraunt on booker street?"


I smile "I used to go there alot when I was little, have you had any church functions lately?"

Holly laughs "Yeah"

I smile, maybe it won't be so bad here after all

"Do you want to go downstairs? I'm not going back to that room, too tense. You look like you need something that you don't have to serve"


Like I said, not so bad after all =)

The End

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