Leah: Can I Tell?

"So... do you know what there is to do here?" I ask the girl, who I think is called Miya.

"Yeah, well, I know there's a library. And there's rooms upstairs" she says.

"OK. Thank you!" I thank her and search for the stairs. It looks like I'm going to be stuck here for a while, so I want to know where I'm going to stay. 

The corridor at the top of the staircase is quite wide. It's painted white, with a blue carpet. There are rooms on wither side. The doors are white. As I walk past I notice that our names are written on the doors, well, not our names, our last names. Our orbs. The third door on the left says 


Must be mine. 

I've got a friend, my friend's calling me-

I quickly answer the phone. I chose that ring tone purely because my mu doesn't approve of it.

"Hello, Anna"

"Rainy!" yes, she calls me Rainy. Has done since she first met me in Y4. 


"Your sister is giving me hell! She wants to know why you've been gone so long with that man. She's all 'It is not wise to go away with a stranger. Mother will not approve'" she laughs after she quotes Lily's words. "Where did he take you?"

"To his... house" 

"His house? He took you to his HOUSE?"

"Shhh! Yes. Don't worry, he's not going to do anything. There are other people here too"

"Uh. Fine. What shall I tell your parents?"

"Say... I had to go to Becca's. I'm staying the night"

"K. Bye"


I have to go and find Zander. Are we allowed to tell people? I have literally no idea where I am when I find him, but I find him all the same.

"Hello Leah"

"Hi Zander. Hey, listen. I have friends and family who want to know where I am and what's going on. Can I tell them?" 

The End

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