Tia: Seven and Past

When I enter the living room I hesitate slightly. So many people. I count..... seven all huddled up in blankets except for Miya sitting next to the fire.

"Sit down Tia" Zander says montioning to a bean bag by the fire. I settle into it happily and feel the warmth of the fire behind me. "So I guess you want to know why you're all here huh?"

"You got that straight" A golden haired boys says.

"How about everyone gives their names first?" I say getting everyone's attention. "I'm Tia"

"I'm Leah" A young girl says sitting higher.

"Max" The golden haired boy says.


"Miya, Hi everyone"

"Will" A boy says giving a faint wave.

"My name's Denis"

"And I'm Zander. So now I will explain why you are here" We all turn to him expectingly and I notice him shift nervously.

"You are here cause of a old race.... my race. When our world was dieing we decided to create Orbs of good energy. Then our oracle gave a prophecy. That the orbs would vanish only to be claimed by the seven destined. Even names were given..... your name's. With your last name matching one of the orbs-"

"Wait a secound. You saying this was all forced on us. Well thats a mess" Miya says she folds her leg and crosses her arms.

"As I was saying" Zander says looking a bit annoyed he was interupted. "Each of your last name's matched the orbs name. But then the darkness came.... with his cult. Several of the Orb Angel's fell for the darkness losing their.... knowledge and control. The fight was terrible. I only got out cause at that moment I was the Orb guardian..... and at that point they chose to transport dragging me with them. The last thing I saw of my race.... was that the only ones left were no longer Orb Angel's but Darkness Angel's"

"You lost your race?" Will whispers. Zander nods then takes a deep breath.

"So when I was dragged with them I was dragged here.... you may not have known it but you were pulled to this town for this purpose to claim your orb..... to forfill part of the prophecy"

"Whats the next part?" I ask. Everyone turns to look at me. Zander with a look that says he thinks I know more than I should. Cause I know what he's going to say.

"The choice by One to decide the fate" Zander says at the same time I do.

"That's just freaky" Miya whispers looking between me and Zander. Everyone seems to be. I feel nervous and get up suddenly.

"I'm going to make something proper to eat" I say then walk out of the room and past Zander my skin touching his and I swear he shivered slightly.

The End

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