Zander: Lost and Found

Zander skids to a stop at the bottom of the road, his head looking around for the other orbs. He stops, breathing steady, calm breaths. Keep it calm, Zander, just keep it calm.

In his mind he sees only darkness, two white dots appear - his version of a map. He hums a few bars the wind swirls around his ankles slowly moving up, by the time it reaches his hip the wind turns silver and engulfs his entire body, flinging him through the physical world as a spirit - something humans think to be impossible.

Landing with a soft thump in the earth, his knees bending slightly from the impact, he looks up to see two teenagers. They see him, their eyes open in awe as they see his wings. "Don't be afraid, You're going to be safe. Follow as fast as you can." With that he speeds through the forest making sure they're safe, he quickly tells them about Tia and Miya before he's off again.

It takes him little over an hour to get most of the orbs to the safe house. It takes a good five minutes extra to get Leah away from her mother - a place Zander never wants to return to. Ever.

He searches around to find the darkness or their angel, who isn't even a real angel, not anymore, more like a spirit... Even though it can take a physical form, he guesses that means she's not a spirit, but she does like to leark around as one... 

He slumps down by a thick oak tree, thinking. People have forgotten about her, even though she was one of the most powerful, he should know, she was... is his cousin.

"Aww, thinking about me, Zandy?" her acidic voice slivers around him. Zander pushes himself up from the mossy ground almost violently. "Piss off," he growls to the voice, knowing full well that she - physically - isn't there.

He hears her voice giggle victoriously and shimmer away. Sighing, Zander teleports back to the house. He wanders through the house, he hears sounds of muttering through in the livingroom.

Peaking through the crack in the door he smiles at them, as they sit huddled up with blankets around them and hot mugs in there hands. He notes - surprising himself - that Tia isn't there. Frowning he feels the house and hunts her spirit, he finds it in an old room.

When he gets there he finds her pulling down one of the acient diaries from the past orbs and angels. He helps her down and they walk down to the livingroom, all the while he ponders about her tiny size, She must be at least a foot smaller, I mean really.

He only realised that he's frowning her, when she frowns at him and asks, "What are you looking at?"

"Huh? Oh...I uh... I wondering on how tall you really are, 'cause yu seem tiny!"

"What? I...I'm 5'1, thank you." She huffs off into the kitchen.

Smooth Zander, smooth. You never cease to amaze me. His own voice snipes in his head. Sighing pathetically, he follows her into the livingroom feeling incredibly dumb that he can't even talk proberly to her.

The End

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