I carried on running, with the kid called Denis. I remember vaguely seeing him in school, but I didn't know who he was. He looked the complete opposite to me. But hey, we were in danger, and It felt nice to have back up. 

"Can you see him?" I asked Denis, looking round. I couldn't, but I still felt uneasy. Like he was following, but we couldn't see him. 

"No. Head to the woods there, we can loose him there surely." He said to me, confidently. 

"Are you mad? One step in there, and anything can grab us." I said back. There were loads of rumours made about it. He just shrugged, and headed in that direction anyway. 

I stopped as we reached the edge. I wasn't a nature kind of person. Insects, and animals, really didn't go down well with me. Then I got the feeling that the weird man was behind me.  I spun round, but he wasn't there. That still didn't convince me though, and I crossed the threshold, following Denis into the Woods. We slowed down, as we reached a clearing.

"I can't feel him now." Denis said, breathing heavily. I put my hands on my legs, trying to catch my breath. 

"Who was he?" I asked him. He shrugged, and looked around. 

"I don't know. And I really don't want to meet him again to find out" He replied. 

"I'll second that." 

I reached down for my necklace. It still wouldn't come off, and it was like it was stuck to my skin or something. 

"I can see someone." Denis suddenly said. I looked up, to where he was looking and sure enough, there was a figure of someone coming closer. But I knew that it wasn't the man chasing us.

Simply because this man had wings. 

He stepped into the clearing, and I took in his features. He had caramel coloured hair with dark eyes and tanned skin. His wings were huge, and hung behind him like a stormy cloud. 

"Don't be afraid." He said to us, in a deep voice. "Your going to be safe with me. Follow me as fast as you can." 

With that he turned round, and began to ran deeper into the forest. I looked at Denis, and he looked back. We nodded, and began to follow him. I didn't understand why I felt okay with following him, but I just got this sense that it was the right thing to do. 

Soon, I saw a large house appear from behind some bushes. I was suprised I hadn't noticed it already. He opened the door, and we rushed in. 

"The living rooms that way." He said pointing towards a door. "I'm just going to get the other two from upstairs, and then I'm going out to grab the last three." With that he shot up the stairs. 

We made our way into the living room, and sat down.

"This is crazy." I whispered.

"Tell me about it." He said back.

The End

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