Tia: House

"Alright.... since he's gone lets look around" I say then head for the stairs. Hesitating slightly Miya quickly follows me quickly. At the top of the stairs I turn. I don't where I'm going but I have a feeling if we just open.... I stop.

I'm standing outside a door that looks completely different to the others. "Well this seems surpicious" Miya says. She reaches out and tries to open it the door rattling helplessly.

She huffs then moves off but I continue to look at the door. Then slowly I grab on to my necklace with one hand a reach out to the door handle with the other...... I don't even have to touch it. As my hand gets close a small spark flickers from my hand into the metal then the door swings open.

I look down the hallway for Miya but she's already off down the corridor. And strangely I know something. I know that the only thing interesting she'll find is a libary filled to the tip with ancient books.

I turn back to the open door and blink. I can't see anything beyound the door frame but I know there is something beyound it. I take a deep breath then take a large hesitant step forward and..... Bam!

Its like I step through some sort of field designed especcially for certain.... people. I realise I'm still gripping my necklace and let go looking around the room.

Its..... almost completely bare. The only thing in the room is.... Wow. I approach the Pillar which has a shower of shining like sort of protecting it. Stopping anyone.... not good from touching what floats slightly above the pillar.

The book is old.... yet seemingly new with its stern leather bound cover and silver frame and clasp. I step into the light and pluck the book from the air resting it down on the pillar.

I try to open it then. "I wouldn't do that if I were you" I jump at the voice and spin to see Zander.

"I was just..." I whisper. Releasing my grip on the book has allowed it to float back into place.

Zander walks forward confidently. "This book contains past events.... That I don't think you would want to read" He offers his hand. I take it and he tugs me out of the light.

"Why?" I whisper looking at him expectingly. He sighs then looks down at me slightly and he leads me out of the room.

"Cause it involves something terrible. That you personally will not want to read. You shouldn't have even got into that room" Zander says as we finally exit the room. He waves his hand over the lock putting some sort of defense on then turning to me. "Trust the one person who would be hurt most by the contense to be drawn to the book.... come"

Then we go down the stairs to meet the others who are curled up in the living room.

The End

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