William Light

I should’ve known something was up when the kids from my neighborhood asked if I wanted to play baseball. I mean, how many English kids know how to play baseball? Aren’t they all too busy playing soccer? Either way, they asked if I wanted to play so of course I said yes. Which was how I ended up searching through trees for the ball. See, back home in Baltimore I was kinda famous throughout the high school league for hitting home runs each time I stepped up to the plate.

I’m William Light by the way. Weird name, I know. Well, the “Light” part anyway. No one in my family has a clue where it came from, it’s just always been there. Light…

I tucked a strand of my light brunette hair behind my ear and carried on searching, moving onto my hands and knees since the trees weren’t so tightly packed together. I spotted the ball in next to no time but… When I went to pick it up… There was just this flash of white light and as soon as it had appeared, it was gone. There was a purple splodge in front of my left eye, my blue eye, the eye that I can’t see out of as well as the brown one. I rubbed at it, hoping to somehow undo the blinding effects of the light. I guess it helped a little. I mean, it faded from purple to pink and I could kind of see through it so I guess that’s a plus.

All of a sudden I became aware of something around my neck. I looked down and saw a thin silver chain that hadn’t been there before. Attached to the chain, and seemingly to my skin, was a small round stone that was shaped kind of like a water droplet. The stone glistened in the dim light under the trees. It looked like it could have been an opal. I shook my head lightly, refusing to believe any of this was real.

There was what I thought was an opal stone stuck to my skin and my blue eye was refusing to cooperate with me, that pink smudge was still hovering in my line of sight.

“Breathe, Bilvy” I said quietly to myself, just as a twig snapped somewhere behind me.

The End

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