Leah Rainbow

Ugh. I hate parties. Especially ones that are hosted my my sister's far-too-posh friends. Ugh. 

I'm wearing an extremely tight white dress, it has a sash that has every colour of the rainbow on it, in order. I hid my shoes in the bushes, because I hate them. I don't care if my socks get dirty. I want them to. I've taken my hair out of the tight bun I was forced to have it in, so it now falls in ringlets to my shoulders. I just like the fact that nobody can get rid of my multicoloured streaks. Yes, I know it's a very childish thing to do. It' worth it though.

"Leah! What have you done? Where are your shoes?" Lily demands, hands on hips. Her dress is far more posh than mine. I wouldn't be surprised if she was wearing a corset.

"I lost them"

"Lost them!" she gasps "What have you done to your hair?"

"It was hurting me"

"Hurting you! Hurting you! All us ladies have our hair up. You children are too weak!"

"I'm sixteen"

"With the maturity of a four year old! Mother will not be happy" Sigh. My family will never be aware of the modern world. They can't even use the word 'mum'. Lily storms of to find our dear Mama. I look up and hope it rains on this dreadful party. I'm glad it's in the park. 

Then I see an orb flying towards me. I edge away from it but it slams into me, pushing me backwards off the bench. 

"Uff" I mutter as I hit the floor. My head hurts. I get up and dust myself off. There's a pendant around my neck. Strange... I swear it wasn't there before. I try to pull it off to look at it but it won't budge. In fact, it seems to be stuck to my chest. I can see that it's a tiny little rainbow, but that's about it. 

"Leah Rainbow! What have you done? You will come with me right now young lady!" Mum drags me off. I hate parties.

The End

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