Denis Shadow: Oh. Hi?

I don't know how far I got before I realised something was wrong, that guy was chasing me then he stopped, I mean not being funny, once you start to chase someone, shouldn't you follow it through? Unless...did he find someone else? Someone who maybe wasn't as fast....? My eyes widened and I turned around, I am not the type of guy to let that happen and sometimes, I really hate it.

I took of running. Again. "Denis, what have you got yourself into?" I chased my path back and realised there was an absence of his aura....yes another freaky thing about me. I know alot about stuff like auras, it's cool.

I figured I might aswell run back, so I did, but this time, I turned the wrong way and BAM! I bumped into someone. "Sorry dude, I didn't see you-" my eyes rested on his pendant, alot like mine. "C-Can you get that thing off?"

His eyes widened "Why?"

I tugged at my necklace and gave him a weak smile "Cos I think that we're in the same boat"

He sighed "I can't get mine off either and a phsyco was chasing me"

"You too? Did he like...feel very, very wrong to you?"

"The guy showed up in my room, what do you think?"

I laughed and helped him get up "Just after that thing landed itself on you? Yeah, I know, the guys nuts"

"How do I know I can trust you?"

"You don't, but I could say the same to you. I'm Denis, whats your name?"

"Max" I looked up at the guy and smiled, he was alot taller than me.

"Nice to meet you, c'mon, we need to get away from here before mr phsyco finds us. You okay with running?"

Max nodded. At least that makes one of us. And once again, for what felt like the hundreth time tonight, I was running for my life.

The End

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