Zander: Running.

Zander pulls Tia, who pulls Miya, along the gravel footpath. The wind slaps his face harshly, which forces his caramel hair back in to an halo-like frame. His pale grey wings russling in the wind slightly, they curl slightly around him attempting not to nudge Tia.

They reach a crossroads, he glances quickly down both paths, mentally calculating the fastest, safest route. The girls behind him pant slightly from the speed in which they were travelling. He gives them barely ten seconds before he whispers under his breath, "Left."

He drags them along, his feet pounding the floor in a continuous rhythm. He turns sharply to the right, and through more trees until he reaches a house submurdged secretly in the bushes. To the naked eye, you couldn't see this house, so the girls simply thought he was dragging them back into the woods.

Zander doesn't say anything to clue them in, instead he just pulls them through pushing them through the door, slamming it shut behind him.

The girls practically collaspe from the running. Zander sighs, before the girls catch their much need breaths, he says, "Right, I'm going out again to find the others-"

"There are... Others?" Miya gasps, interupting Zander without any noticable concern.

"Yeah. There are bedrooms upstairs, help yourself to the food in the kitchen, which is just down the hall. There's a libary around, and if you get lost," he grabs a piece of laminated card from a holder on the wall. "Here's a map. I have to go, see you later. I'll phone if there's a problem."

With saying that, he rushes back out the door.

The End

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