Denis Shadow: Who the hell are you?

I pulled at the neckace, my hands turning bright red, after a moment I sighed and got up, clearly it wasn't coming off.

I have to hide this from my mum. Can I even hide this thing?

I brushed off my clothes and sighed, I couldn't go home, it'd be too much drama. There has to be a way to stop her but going home with this hing on my chest is sooooo not the way. "ah crud"

"It's about time I found one of you, Zander is too careless"

I turned around and my eyes widened, this guy not ony looked like trouble, he practically eminated it.

"Zander? I think you got the wrong guy, I don't know a Zander"

The man smiled "I was hoping you would say that, how about you come with me?"

"Uh...sorry dude, I have to go, it's getting late and my mum will be freaked out if I don't go home"

"I can get that pendant off"

"Excuse me?" okay, now he had my attension

"I can get that pendant off, the one thats fused to your chest"

"How the heck do you know how to get it off?"

"I know things, much more than you can imagine, we're wasting time, come with me and I can fix all of your problems"

I snorted against my better  judgment "Whatever your selling I'm not buying"


My turn to act all knowing. I smiled "I know more than you think I do, withou Zander's help, thats what scares you most though isn't it? Your afraid of Zander"

"So you do know him"

"Don't need to" I smiled and shrugged "You underestimate things to much"

The guy stepped foward "Do I now? Because I think your bluffing, Zander hasn't even checked this area yet but he was so close" he smiled "Nice try" he walked foward and I knew  was done.

"Well, it was nice meeting ya' but I really have to go" I turned and ran. Please don't say he's following! I turned my head and saw that yes, he was following. "Crud" I groaned.

Why is this guy chasing me anyway? and who the hell is Zander? Whoever he is, I envy the guy for being able to scare him.

"Help" I whispered and looked back to see that he was closer "For god's sake!" I shout and run into the darkness. After a few minutes I realise I am no longer being followed and I slow to a stop "Who the hell was that guy? He's crazier than my mum" and thats saying something.

The End

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