Tia: Get it off

"If I knew how to get it off I'd get it off myself" I say standing up. I stumble and fall back. Someone catching me from behind.

I turn to look back and gasp. He's taller than me so I guess older and its rather good looking but..... that's not what shocked me. "You have wings" I say confused. A smile breaks out on the young mans/wing boys face.

"That I do" He says nodding he helps me up to stand straight and I turn facing the girl..... What's her name??? Oh yeah, Miya walks over to just stand slightly behind me but to the side of me.

"Who are you?" Miya asks. Wing boy looks away from me and at Miya. I clearly remember her being some victim of bullying that I've never quite intervened in.

"My Name is Zander Lopez and I'm the last surviving Orb angel" He raises an eyebrow. "You seem to be two of the claimers"

"The what?" I say. Just then there is a crack of a twig.

"Get down" Zander hiss. Me and Miya duck to the floor hiding behind a wide tree trunk. "What do you want Sam?"

Zander's voice echos and in return to it I hear a cold laugh. "The human are claiming. What do you think I want?"

"Non of them are here" Zander says. Yet I can hear the struggle in his voice how he fights to maintain the firmness of it. He's scared. I saw him as a powerful angel yet..... what was it he said...... The last.....

Oh dear. Poor him. His whole species and he survived. That would be a fate worse than death. "I will leave you for now, Zander"

Then footsteps retreat and Zander turns to us. "Come on" He insists. He grabs my hand pulling me to my feet and I help Miya up just in time before he begins running through the forest pulling me along after him.

"Where the hell are we going?" I shout forward avoiding a branch.

"Somewhere safe" Zander calls back. I look at Miya who seems as unsure as me.

The End

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