Holly Sunshine

'I'll see you later Holz.'  Adrian said as he locked up the restaurant behind us.  I went round the side of the building and retrieved my bike from where I had left it before my shift.  I walked it out onto the pavement and began to pedal.  I passed Adrian easily, tinging my bell as I sailed by.  'Don't be late tomorrow!'

'I won't,' I yelled back.

Holly Sunshine.  Why did my mother have to give me such a cheery sounding name?  It made me sound like a hippy who lived in a caravan and was always high, neither of which applied to me.  My house might have been small but it was definately a house and the only thing I had ever smoked was a cigarette.

It didn't take me long to get home and I parked my bike in the small alleyway beside our house before going in through the side door.  Mum would still be out working so I didn't need to worry about waking anyone up, which was probably a good thing because I couldn't be bothered to turn on the light and banged my toe on almost every step as I climbed the stairs.

Then to make things worse, as I walked into my bedroom I stood on something that felt like a ball, tripped and fell, landing face first in my carpet.  There was a flash of light and my head span.  I stood up, swearing silently, my hand searching for the light switch.  At last my fingers found the familiar square on the wall and the room became brighter.

I studied the floor carefully, both in and outside my room, but couldn't find whatever it was I had stepped on.  Shrugging I went to my mirror and to start taking off my make-up.  When I looked at my reflection there was something wrong.  I was wearing a pendant I had never seen before, a globe that seemed to be radiating golden light, surrounded by what looked like rays.  It was pretty, but not something I would usually wear.

Ignoring it I got ready for bed and thought no more about it as I turned off my light and went to sleep.

The End

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