Denis Shadow


I ducked, the crokery just missing my head, and headed for the door. My mum thought I was the devil, she was totally convinced and not even the best therapist could help her.

I guesse I should explain: my mum is extremely religious and I'm talking dark ages religious. She sees the devil, or at least she thinks she does. She believes that things such as appearance shows if I person is evil which is why my mum thinks I am the devil.

I have midnight black hair that I let grow to my squared jaw line but I tie it up in a pony tail, my eyes are green, my skin is pale-ish and I detest going to church-hey if I have time to sit down and listen to a sermon, I might aswell be at home studying. Because of those things, my mother has tried to bleach my hair, makes me wear silver, puts holy water in my food and drink when I'm not  looking and oh yeah- has recently set fire to my belongings because I got a bad grade in RS.

Yes I agree, my mum is nuts.

I walk into the park,  letting the darkness consume me, it was peaceful in the dark, a place where not even my crazy mother could get to me. I know, my last name is ironic.

I sat down on the bench and stared at the dark sky, letting my eyes slowly close......

The bench fell backward and I fell with it "Jesus! What the hell was that?" I looked down and in my ap was a shining black ball. I held the ball up "what the h-" then I began to burn, the ball exploded in my hands.

I'm dying, I didn't think it would happen like this-I'm only 17!

I yelled out in pain except that it was soundless, I stared at the bubble of darkness that was burning me, does this mean that mum was always right?

I collapsed onto the floor and drew in a deep breath, the ball was gone but I felt different, heavier. My hand immediatly rested on my chest and my eyes widened, there was a lump. I looked down at it and realised that it was a neclace, one that I didn't own. It was a thick-ish silver chain with a singular charm in the centre, a black charm, shaped like a sharks tooth and it was stuck to my chest. Oh Sh...sugar. "Fabulous" I groaned

The End

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