Miya Sky

Good morning. I'm Miya, Miya Sky.

No, Miya isn't supposed to be spelt Mia. Miya is more interesting.

Yes, my name is a little unusual. But hey, so am I.

I ran a hand through my waist length wavy midnight blue hair, weirdly streaked with violet. Yes, blue, not black. And purple. Don't ask why my hair is naturally a colour that isn't a natural hair colour, because I don't have a clue either. It made me special back in my old town. It makes me a freak here.

I sighed and stood up from where I'd been sitting on the old wooden park bench. I was getting stiff- I'd been there for half an hour or so. My black McKenzie hoodie, which I was wearing over my grey vest top, rubbed on my sunburnt shoulders. I winced and continued walking.

"Hey, freak!"

They don't say my name, but I know it's me they're talking to. I turn round. Yup, Justine and her "friends" are standing not five metres from me, and closing the distance fast.

I turn back and run, heading for the wooded part of the park, my long dark blue hair flying out behind me. I head footfall loud behind me and knew they were trying to catch me. I smile flickered across my face, I knew they wouldn't catch me. Very agile, extremely fast, highly aware of everything around me. Yet more things that had turned me from special to freakish when I moved here.

I noticed they'd stopped running when I reached the wood. I didn't notice the small ultramarine sphere flying towards me until it smacked into my right palm with such force I cried out.

I started to bring it up to my face to get a better look at it, but stopped as light exploded from, blotting out the world. Then there's no light, and I've dropped the blue orb.

I cast around for it with my sapphire eyes, but it's nowhere near me. For no apparent reason my hand goes to my throat, and I feel something there. I look down.

The ultramarine crystal has shrunk somewhat, and is hanging from a delicate silver chain round my neck, suspended somehow in the middle of a circle of something which keeps flickering from palest blue to almost black, like a hollow slice of some demented mood ring. I try and lift it up, and a lump of fear rises in my throat when it stays firmly stuck to my chest.

"What's happening?" I hear someone say. I whip round, and see a girl with long white hair fingering a star shaped pendant round her neck. I've seen her once or twice, I think her name is Tia... Tia Starlight or something.

"Uh, hello? I'm Miya. Could you help me get this damned pendant off my chest?" I say.

The End

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