Tia Starlight

"Tia" A voice calls throught the crowd. Its a voice I recognise clearly. "Tia" I turn this time to look at little Felix running through the crowd towards me. God, its a weekend yet she still finds me.

"What is it Felix?" I say looking down at the young girl. "Shouldn't you be with your parents?"

Felix giggles. A nice sound like little bells ringing softly. She looks up and smiles at me happily. "Keep your hair on Tia. Everyone knows that no one get hurt in this crappy villiage" Tia Sings.

"Where did you learn that word?" I say raising an eyebrow and staring down at her with my light blue eyes with hints of violet.

"Kevin" Felix sings. I shake my head my Soft Starlight hair moving with the movement. Its slightly wavy and reaches half way down my back.

"Look Felix. I have to go see you later, yeah?" I don't wait for an answer. I turn on my heels and run dodging through the crowd. My sense, speed and agility have always been above normal. Well, that was until people started moving to the town that seemed a lot like me.

I run to the park where I move into the trees and finally stop sighing and leaning against the trunk of an old oak. Then after catching her breath I turn to climb then.... Thwack.

I fall down keeping hold of the round object that flew into my stomach. I pull it out and look at it oddly. Its sort of an orb and gives of a pale white light. "What the hell?" I whisper.

Then suddenly without warning it blast out the light encasing me. I scream but it doesn't seem to leave my lips. Then as suddenly as it happened the light disapears. I find myself shaking and the orb no longer in my hands.

But then I see whats round my neck. A star shaped stone with a smaller form of the orb in the centre. The star is incased by vines and is on a silver chain. A shocking thing though is that the main charm of the necklace seems bonded to my skin.

"What's happening?" I choke out.

The End

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