The Seven Orbs

Seven orbs are scattered across the world. They gift humans with powers beyond thought but when one is claimed the opposition begins to fight back.

The Seven Orbs. They all have their names. The Starlight Orb, The Rainbow Orb,  The Sunshine Orb, The Lightning Orb, The Sky Orb, The Light Orb and The Shadow Orb.

All giving the claimers the same strong power. Only One person knows about these orbs..... that is good. He is an Orb Angel, the last surviving.

The Orb angels weren't the creator of the Seven Orbs but the protectors. They were meant to keep the Orbs away from the wrong hands. Which all failed when the Darkness arrived and killed nearly all of them off.

The Cult of Darkness. The Evil that fights the good power of the orbs but also wanting the power of them.

There is a problem though. No one knows where the Orbs went after the great battle. But they do have two hints..... Earth...... England.

Then they have the prophecy. Which gave each name of the claimers:

Tia Starlight

Leah Rainbow

Holly Sunshine

Max Lightning

Miya Sky

William Light

Denis Shadow

And then their protector the Orb Angel...... Zander Lopez.

The End

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