You Only Live Once

I'd been eyeing up the pretty brunette waiter for a while now. He didn't seem to mind, guess it must just have been part of his job. Well, getting suggestive glances from girls would've been, anyway. But I was no girl. I was Simon. Tall, skinny, blue eyed, black-haired Simon. I was barely out of college and by the looks of things he wasn't far off.

Dude, just ask him out I told myself.

The worst he could do was say no. It's not like he'd round up the residents and run me out of town with pitchforks and flaming torches. But man, this was going to be difficult. Today was the fifth day in a row I'd come to this café since I saw the guy stumbling out of a club with his friends. He'd been wasted but he still looked hot. And when he randomly kissed some guy...

He's a whore a voice said in my head. And whores are supposed to be used.

I shook my head. Where the hell had that thought come from? I frowned into my cold cup of coffee. I didn't even like coffee. It was while I was glaring at said coffee that I noticed him standing next to my seat. I looked up, trying not to get hypnotised by his brilliant green eyes.

"Come on, stalker, I'm on break" he said and walked out of the café.

I followed him in under a second. He led me to a quiet alleyway which was literally pitch black, despite the fact that it was only about seven o'clock. He leant against the wall with a sigh.

"Look, it's nice that you're interested and all but could you not stalk me at work? It's creepy" he said.

He really is pretty. Just look at those hips. You want to find out how easily he bruises, how easily you can mark him as yours. So why don't you? You only live once, after all.

I shook my head again. Where the hell were these thoughts coming from?

"And, um, could you do me a favour? Don't...don't make it so obvious. Honestly, you looked like a lovesick puppy. It's kinda pathetic".

Take him, you know you want to.

Swimming with lust, I pinned him against the wall, muffling his protests with a kiss. I did some things I'm not proud of and I don't know why I did them. Nothing majorly serious though. Well, no, what I did was serious but... I guess what I'm trying to say is I didn't rape him or anything. Even with lust pulsing through my veins I just about knew that was wrong, that if I did something like that I could end up screwing his mind up forever.

The lust left my system almost as quickly as it had arrived and left me staring down at the beautiful boy I'd been thinking about asking out only minutes before. He sat defeated at my feet, tears dripping down his perfect face.

"I'm sorry" I blurted without thinking.

Shakily he stood up and glared into my eyes with the venom of about fifty snakes. "Don't ever touch me again. Don't even come near me" he said venomously before turning and hurrying out of the alley.

Then it was my turn to cry. The most perfect boy in the world had spoken to me and I'd ruined everything. All because of lust.

The End

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