Little devil on the sholder.

Just calm down Ruth. I thought to myself as Terri, the little cow from school verbally abused me from across the street.

"Well, I asked ya a question, why's your dad your bruva?" I clicked my tounge, walking on. My back to her, I heard her high heals click and clack all the way down the road. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon in the middle of August.

I've always have been good at controlling my anger. Although sometimes, it can get the better of me, I've never hurt someone. Not untill that day.

Hit her. Go on, you know you want to. A little voice in my left ear whispers.

No, no I can't. I glance to the side, and see a cartoon devil. I'm mad, I'm absolutly bonkers!

I glance in a passing car window, the people inside stare out at me in awe. My long, shing, auburn hair flows around me, the sun hitting it in such a way that it looks golden. My sharp fitures looking harsh in my anger, my amber eyes glow with hatred. I walked in my black pumps, my blue denim shorts hugged my long legs comfortably, my strappy black top allowed the little air cool my skin.

"Oi, I'm talkin' to you, ya little wh*re!"

I gritted down teeth again, my fists curling into the ball of my thumb.

"At least I know, who my dad is." She started to controdict what she was saying. I smirk, waiting for her to realise. "Y' know 'coz ya mum's a big, fat slut." That went over the line.

The devil on my sholder whispers, get her! I do, I let the wrath overcome me as I punch her little orange face over and over again screaming, "Don't you ever talk about my family, like that ever again." Her 'friends' rushed up behind her as she whimpered.She looked up shocked. "Well?!" I scream.

I stopped, the red smoke leaving me. I starred down, and gasped, Terri had a bloody nose and a black eye already forming. I turned and ran back home, cursing the devil.

The End

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