Reminiscence Of A World Gone

I look out and see the endless pastures of green, rolling among each other. The grass appears to wave as the wind whistles, carrying the smell of the earthly crisp, lemon smell of the vast flowers swaying in the breeze. Golden rays of light beam down from within the clouds, crisping my skin with it's warmth. Ahead, there is a great oak. It stands out like a giant among ants, casting a wide shade, summoning drowsy meddlers to seek rest against it's brown trunk. I see all of them standing around, gazing in my direction, beckoning me to come over. They've been waiting for me to return. Those whom I've loved all my life. And I see their glistening smiles and their lit up eyes, and they match my own as I begin to quicken my pace. And on I walk, listening to the crunch of the ground beneath my feet. I get closer, and my smile brightens, and I hear the laughter of the little ones as they call out to me. I look down as I reach the edge of the beckoning shade, but the shadow changes form, and the cool breeze becomes a cold wind. I close my eyes from the sudden chill, and I feel the wind envelope me in it's familiar grip. I open my eyes to find that the meadow is a wasteland, and the great oak is nothing but a dead tree casting a dark shadow.

I burned my world long ago.

The End

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