Enhancing your ability to sway the audience.

If your like me, then you probably have times when you struggle to find the right description for something to the point where it's infuriating. So I've decided, since we're all a fantastic community of writers, why not not help each other to better ourselves in one of the most important parts of writing. This goal of this exercise is pretty simple.

1. Think of something you would describe in a story (ex. A character, a setting, an object)

2. Decide what emotion you want the readers to have about that particular thing.

3. Write your description to convey that emotion.

It doesn't matter what it is, or what mood you want to set, but the goal is for you to attempt to evoke a vivid tone, mood, and emotion to the audience. You should even challenge yourself to evoke an emotion that wouldn't normally come across the reader's mind(ex. Describing a flower to convey anger)

It is also essential that we critique each other's description and gave pointers that ultimately will help us as writers to convey our messages in our stories better. Not only will this exercise allow you to better yourself in your own descriptions, but if we all participate, we can even learn from other's writing style and add it to our own.

Simply letting the author know what message you got from their description goes a long way. It lets them know how well they did, and let's them improve further, thus improving the overall quality of work being submitted.

Also, this is just a thought, but if you guys would like, challenge each other to make descriptions. Use the same topics and compare with each other how you did it. Two people can describe an apple in multiple ways

I encourage everyone to post any thought they have. I understand that some may struggle when writing descriptions and may be insecure about posting their ideas, so please be mindful to always be courteous when giving feedback. And also remember that this is to help. No one is putting you down.

The End

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