Life As We Knew It | Reader Response

In the Chapters 11-15, we see the beginning of the real struggle. Up to this point, our main characters have been wary, but not too tense. Now, winter is quickly setting in with freezing temperatures. They are carefully rationing resources. They are now worried for survival in this apocalyptic world.

   Life As We Knew It's story is starting to thicken. The main  characters are starting to have troubles. They have been very wary,and making sure to be extra careful with their resources now. Although, they have been faring well compared to others in the novel, with starvation becoming a common killer at this point. Things are starting to get harder for them, but they are surviving. 

   Though our main characters have been well stocked on food thus far, they are taking extra precautions. Major rationing of food has been decided by the mother, in fear of the future. They have been eating only twice a day, but usually some characters eat less than that. These rules go for all except Jonny. This is because they think he will, if he were the sole survivor of the family, have the best chances at survival. It infuriates Miranda, and she wishes the whole family could just eat regularly. This is a reference to a common gender role, that men are stronger than women. Even in the apocalypse, gender roles still very much exist. 

The End

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