Marina: Appointments

"Cindy!" I yell as I spot her walking out of the double doors. She stops in her trackers and waits on me catching up.

"Hey Marina," she says as we continue walking out of the car park.

"I'm sorry," I say, thinking back to in that tank. I had basically said goodbye to our friendship, I am sure of it.

"Don't be. I don't blame you." Came her predictable reply. I rolled my eyes at her and lightly punch her arm.

"No, it isn't alright. What I said, you deserve to be happy with him." I tell her.

"Yes. And I am going to be happy with him" she tells me. Causing a chuckle to rise in my throat. 

"Off course you will." I laugh as we come nearer to our destination. "Why the freak laughter?" I continue.

"If we hadn't got out, I would have missed my dentist appointment," sheexplains, a haunted look in her eyes which she quickly covers up. But not fast enough.

"What if we were still in there?" I ask, hearing the fear in my voice. I would probably of boiled us all alive.

"Well... I wouldn't be getting my check up. Denver wouldn't be lying in a hospital bed, half his blood missing. And I'm pretty sure you would have boiled us." Cindy answers for me, turning to grin at me as she opens the door into the dentists.

"To true." I answer, smiling. I walk up with her to the receptions desk where she stares, wide eyed at the guy behind the counter.

"You" the guy hisses, glaring back at her.

<I>huh?</I> I think. <I>do they know each other?</I>

The door into the dentists opens again and in walks Cindy's mum, smiling as usual.

"Hello dear!" She says to me before looking at her daughter. Just then, a hint of worry enters her features.

"Anything the matter?" She asks the guy behind the counter cheerfully.

"No, nothing ma'am." The guy says before shaking himself and checking Cindy's appointment.

Sitting in the waiting room, I turn to Cindy, a question on the tip of my tongue.
"He's one of the guys." She whispers to me.

Realisation dawns on me. He knows what we are.

He can contact Mr Fischer.

The End

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