Owen- Screwed

I shot Cindy a quizzical look as she burst out laughing. What was so funny about talking on the phone? Had someone told her a joke? Then why had she responded that she would be right there, it had sounded more like she had been talking to a parent. 

Eventually I gave up on trying to understand her and just let her laughter run it's course. Once she had finally gotten a hold on herself she turned to me. "I gotta go to a dentist appointment. Don't you dare let Denver get hurt again or I swear I will kill you." She warned me before turning on her heel and marching out the door. 

I grinned at her back before moving to Denver's bedside. "You've got quite the little fire-ant there Denver," I commented, giving him a light shove for emphasis. 

Denver grinned right back at me and was about to reply when Marina interrupted. "I'm following Cindy," she informed us simply before chasing after Cindy. 

I rolled my eyes at her and moved to sit down beside Denver. "So, what's next?" I asked the rest of the group. All three of them looked at me questioningly. "Well we have to do something about our capturers before they try again and possibly even succeed. So what do we do? We can't go to the police, they won't believe us. We aren't powerful enough to take them down, besides, they could go to the police if we did anything illegal and then we would be screwed. So what are we going to do?"

The room was silent for a long time and I kept trying, unsuccessfully, to come up with a solution. What I really wanted to do was go for a run, get out of this building and just be in nature and a wide open place. But I couldn't. I would be skinned alive by Cindy if I left Denver. Not to mention that I couldn't leave him anyways because the man was my best friend. 

I let out a frustrated sigh. "Well, we seem to be well and truly screwed over guys." I despaired.

The End

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