Cindy: Slow descent into madness

I take no notice of the door opening behind me, too relieved at having Denver very much alive and breathing, not cold and lifeless. 

That is, I ignore the door until a female voice speaks. 

Lifting my head up and turning to look at the door, I see a short, blonde haired nurse looking at each of us. 

"Fern?" She asks, looking at Owen who shakes his head. 

"Yes?" Fern asks, stepping forward from where he had been leaning on the wall, opposite Owen. The nurse pivots on the spot and looks at Fern. 

"A girl told me to give me this note," she explains, holding a small, folded piece of paper to him, "she said she is unbelievably sorry about what happened." 

"Thank you." Fern tells her, taking the note and stepping back to his spot on the wall, next to Aya and opens it up. 

Whilst Fern is reading, the nurse, who's badge names her "Anastasia", checks the clipboard at the bottom of Denver's bed before leaving the room, closing the door behind her. 

"What does it say?" Owen and Marina say as I turn back to look at Denver, admiring his very alive emerald green eyes. 

"It's from Alex, the little girl who went in the cove" Fern quickly says, "She says she is terribly sorry about what happens. She helped us get out by messing with the controls. Then called the police and got out." 

"I thought it was her who got us in the mess?" Denver asked, breaking our eye contact to look at Fern with confusion. 

"We don't actually know that. She was there but what I last saw of her, she looked scared." I speak up, looking around and catching Marina watching me. I file that away for later, remembering her argument with Owen. 

"How long were you conscious for? I don't remember her being there." Fern says. 

"I don't know. I just remember looking up and seeing her behind Marina looking scared. Then nothing." I tell them then I tune out of the conversation as my phone rings. 

"Hello?" I ask

"Cindy? Where are you? You have a dentist appointment in five minutes." My mum yells down the phone. 

"sorry. Mum, be right there." I say, closing it and looking around. 

I feel a bubble of hysterical laughter rise up from my stomach to my throat and bursts out my mouth.
I ignore the looks I receive from the others. If we hadn't gotten out, I would have missed my dentist appointment. The laughter just comes and comes leaving me gasping for breath, stomach slowly receiving a stitch and breaths hard to come by, I just laugh. 

The End

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