Owen: Help

The gush of water pulled all of us out of the tank. A flash of pain beneath my eye stole my breath. Bringing my hand up to assess the damage. There was blood but it didn't seem to be particularly deep and facial wounds always bleed a lot more than expected. 

Suddenly it was a lot quieter and for a second I was confused as to why, but then I realized that Cindy had stopped freaking out and that was why it was quieter. Cindy had been freaking out. She had never struck me as the type to do that. Marina might. But not Cindy. Why had she been freaking out. 

I trotted over to where Cindy was sitting on the ground with drooping shoulders. Her complexion was a pasty white and she looked like she was about ready to pass out. Then I saw the reason she had been freaking out and my heart almost stopped beating altogether. Denver lay on his chest with a piece of glass sticking out of his back. Already a small pool of blood was forming around him. I felt like I was going to be sick.Finally I got control of my emotion and some logic returned to me.

"We need to stop the blood or he'll die." I stated flatly. I was past the point of feeling and numbness had spread all over my body. 

I reached over and plucked the glass out of Denver and then pressed my hands up against his back to keep more blood from coming out. To my great surprise no blood at all seeped past. I continued to hold my hands against the gash and almost threw up as I felt an exposed rib against my palm. 

"Somebody get something that we can use as a bandage!" I said.with an edge of hysteria in my voice. 

Fern looked around then began to tear his shirt to make a bandage. However, as soon as the piece came totally free from the rest of the shirt it disintegrated. 

"It's part of you and so when it leaves you it goes back to just being a part of you rather than a shirt," I replied in answer to his confused look. 

He looked around some more and located a piece of fake sea-weed from the tank and wrapped it around Denver's chest. Then I picked Denver up and started to move. 

"Come on," I stated, "We're getting out of here." 

Then I started walking for the door, not waiting to see if the others were following or not. Denver needed a hospital immediately and that's what I was going to get him. 

The End

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