Cindy: Freak Out

"Denver...?" i ask hesitantly, my mind not yet brought up to what my eyes are seeing.

My legs back in place of my fin, i stumble over to him just as he falls, a large piece of glass sticking out his back.

  Still having not figured out what happened, i just stare dumbly at at, hearing the others stumble about, complaining about scratches and cuts.

"DENVER!" I then shriek as my mind finally processes the sight before it. Blood is running down his top in gushes. He blacks out.

I bend down and place the tip of my index finger on the glass, feeling it move, i scream and jump back.

Air, please heal him, I beg of my element. But i have used up to much of it all ready. The power within me dwindles, bearly strong enough to create a wind, never mind help Denver.

a feeling of helplessness washes over me as i stare down at his too pale face. Unable to control it, a tear washes down my cheek. Then another and more. One after another, they fall in unstoppable streaks down my face.

Then I scream.

then start hitting the ground with my fists.

Meanwhile, Denver is lying on the ground, his life quite literally draining out of him.

"Cindy, calm down." Marinas slightly annoyed voice breaks in through the fogginess of my voice.

"Calm down!? Are you kidding me?" I shriek at her in disbelieve, slowly taking Denver's hand in mine and willing him to come back to me.

"Cindy, you need to be quiet before we get found." Fern tells me, placing his hand on my shoulder.

A feeling of calm slowly reseeps in my bones, calming my shaking mind.

"Sorry," I mumble, embarrased from my freak out. Then i hear steps coming from around the corner.

In a moment of pure panic,I send out for help and feel the familiar presence of my element covering us. I fight to stay conscious, keeping us invisible from whoever comes around that corner.

I tKe the time to look around at every one, taking in their injuries.

Denver's is the worse. Everyone is bruised and scraped and a very noticeable scar is sitting above Owens right cheek bone, dripping blood down his face.

Fern is also scarred on his face, a long, jagged cut going from the bottom of his right eye, over his nose and to the centre of his left cheek.

I can't SEE any major cut on Aya but, by the way she is cuddling her arm to her chest, i take it she has harmed her hand.

Marina has a cut down her right arm, several overs joining over it.

I am to busy concentrating on staying conscious. And a thrill of adrenaline is keeping me going. I am aware of a dull ache across my chest but i ignore it. Keeping us safe is more important than keeping track of my own injuries.
The End

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