Marina: uncontrolable

An uncomfortable clench made an appearance in my chest as I got a proper look around myself.

No matter which direction I looked, I could see a thick clear glass around us. The water was to warm as well, uncomfortable on my fin which I had to keep moving about.

I knew instantly where we were. Unlike the others, I look at the papers to find out what is happening. Mr Fischer has been working on a new electrically controlled tank for a species he was bringing in.

I had presumed it to be a new species of dolphin. Not us. Never would I have thought it would have been us on display for millions to see.

OMG! I think to myself, my mum will be totally freaking out! I am supposed to get my hair redyed tonight and she was making a surprise meal for Aya and me.

At the thought of Aya, I looked over to her and saw her looking at Fern. They were looking at each other in that way lovers do. I gulp down the bubble of jealousy in my throat and turn to Cindy who is holding onto Denver, still looking awfully pale from her over exertion.  Just then, Cindy asked a question,

Well... If we could just figure out how to break the glass Denver told us brilliantly. I looked around at the glass, contemplating on wether I would be able to heat it enough to make it melt. Then I thought of the rush of water going out... We would all get hurt.

Right as I was about to voice my opinion, Owen swam to the other side of the tank.

Just where do you think you are going? I ask him, swimming over and glaring at him.

Despite my deathly glare, he turned and swam directly over to me, unfortunately, towering over my small frame.

I am going somewhere other than here for reasons that you have no business sticking your crabby little nose into.  he sneers at me.

I can't stop my glare from transforming into a shocked look that covers it.

Did he seriously just say that? I would expect it from the other guys, but him... He always seemed kind of mellow I'm not even sure why I hated him, I just DID.

What?  he continues mockingly, Are you surprised that I finally snapped? Well it's about time I did! You've been being a brat ever since we first met!

That stung. And, instead of showing the hurt I did as I usually did, what I did best, I switched it into anger. All the hatred, the anger, everything I felt for him instantly switched into anger.

I've been the brat? Why were you hunting those poor fish anyways! They are living things too! I tried to keep myself cool enough to not shout and ball at him but it didn't work. I ended up screaming at him, Have you forgotten that YOU are a fish too!

Some of us have to eat! he  shouted back at me, I'm sorry if you can't understand that little miss environmentalist, but not all of us have parents who just make food magically appear on the table! Do you even know what it's like to have an empty stomach? What it's like to go for DAYS without food?

Hearing that, I kinda feel guilty but I push it back. I am too mad at him to care. It's not my fault he's got some complicated past. Why is he blaming me? What did I do? Yes I have yelled at him. But he was eating a part of himself! What did he expect. Humans don't eat themselves! Why should mermaids! Another thing about mermaids which disgusts me. Before he could continue, I cut him off.

You are all high and mighty; Mr. Perfect and everybody loves you. Well I have news for you! You aren't perfect! Far from it! You don't even know what it's like! You are friends with everybody, you always have someone to turn to! Some of us don't have that luxury! I only have one friend in the world and now she's too busy with Denver to pay any attention to me anyways! So next time you want to go off on me why don't you take a step off your high horse for once and try to live in my shoes for once! I couldn't stop the lone tear from escaping out my left eye, down my cheek and off floating into the horrible, to warm, to stuffy water.

I want out of here. I think. Seconds before I emerge into a full blown panic attack which would end up boiling everyone, Denver speaks up again,

Umm... Guys? He asks us slowly and hesitantly.

I turn to him, sure my eyes are bright red with the heat searing in my body, sure I am feeling the water around me grow hotter. I just want OUT!

Looking towards him, first I notice Cindy, one arm clinging onto his with her face turned to the glass directly above Owens head.

Slowly, I twist my head back around and stare at a big jagged crack in the glass I could swear was not there seconds before.

 "The lights went out and this whole place was shaking like crazy Owen he says quietly, I think it was you.

The End

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