Owen: Fights

"So, how do we all get out of here?" Cindy asked hesitantly. 

I looked around but didn't say anything. How were we supposed to get out of here? The answer was obvious. We were stuck. Unless one of them had some brilliant plan to break the five-inch thick, bullet-proof plexi-glass there was simply no way out. 

"Well," Denver started, "if we could just find some way to break the glass..."

I swam away in frustration before he had a chance to finish his sentence. This tank was way too confined for me. I needed wide open space and all this pointless talk was beginning to really grate on my nerves. 

"Just where do you think you are going?" Marina demanded insolently.

That was it. I completely snapped. Turning to face her directly I swam up to her so that I towered above her. 

"I am going somewhere other than here for reasons that you have no business sticking your crabby little nose into." I sneered at her. I watched with satisfaction as the shock registered across Marina's face. "What?" I asked. "Are you surprised that I finally snapped? Well it's about time I did! You've been being a brat ever since we first met!"

Shock turned into anger and Marina crossed her arms defensively. "I've been the brat? Why were you hunting those poor fish anyways! They are living things too!" Marina's voice slowly rose until she was screaming at me. "Have you forgotten that YOU are a fish too!"

"Some of us have to eat!" I shouted back at her as heat flushed through my body. I wanted to tear something apart. Why could she not understand? She never understood. "I'm sorry if you can't understand that little miss environmentalist, but not all of us have parents who just make food magically appear on the table! Do you even know what it's like to have an empty stomach? What it's like to go for DAYS without food?" I wanted to keep yelling at her, I couldn't stay still any longer. She needed to understand how stupid and stubborn she was being. My fists clenched tightly as she cut me off. 

"You are all high and mighty; Mr. Perfect and everybody loves you. Well I have news for you! You aren't perfect! Far from it! You don't even know what it's like! You are friends with everybody, you always have someone to turn to! Some of us don't have that luxury! I only have one friend in the world and now she's too busy with Denver to pay any attention to me anyways! So next time you want to go off on me why don't you take a step off your high horse for once and try to live in my shoes for once!" 

I just stared at her in shock for a few seconds. Unable to say anything at all. On the one hand...she was right, I always had Denver and if not Denver I was good enough at being friendly that I could always go talk to Fern. Marina had just been stranded by herself. But then, she was still being over dramatic, Cindy would be there for her if she had just asked, and she seemed to be getting along well enough with Aya. And she hadn't even given any indication of listening to my side at all. 

"Hey, guys..." Denver said with a quiet voice. He sounded so scared that I immediately snapped out of my rage and looked over. There was a huge crack in the glass. "The lights went out and this whole place was shaking like crazy Owen." he whispered. "I think it was you." 

The End

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