Denver: Waking Up

I sat up, rubbing my head, my eyes swimming. I only saw two people moving, Owen and Fern.

Where was Cindy?

"Cindy!" I cried, searching frantically. I calmed down when I saw her laying next to me. I heard Owen grunt.

"Nice to see how much you care about your best friend." he griped. I smiled and swam over to give him a hug.

"Sorry man." I said. "It's just, I almost lost her once, and I didn't want to go through that again."

Owen nodded, obviously still slightly upset but understanding. I swam back over to where Cindy was laying. She looked gorgeous in her sleep, her red hair fanned around her peaceful face. I reached my hand out to stroke her cheek…

And her eyes fluttered opened. She smiled when she saw my face.

"Good morning, beautiful." I said, leaning down to give her a kiss.

She laughed and kissed me back, and Owen groaned and yelled at us to get a room. I know he was just jealous.

Fern looked slightly frustrated. That is, until Aya woke up. He didn't show it outwardly, but I could see the excitement in his eyes. I was curious, but decided not to say anything.

The last to wake up was Marina. Unfortunately for her, there was no guy eagerly waiting by her bedside for her to wake up.

In fact, although we were all happy that she was awake and well, Cindy was the only one that looked excited. She swam over and gave Marina a big hug. I would've too, but I didn't think that Marina would find it very humorous. And she slightly scared me.

After everyone said their hellos, we gradually migrated towards one spot that had a large rock, perfect for sitting on and having a nice picnic.

Too bad we didn't have any food to have a picnic with.

Owen must have had the same thought, because I heard him grumble something about fish and Marina. I rolled my eyes. He was still upset about that? He needed to learn to let some things go.

Looking around the circle, I realized that no one wanted to speak first. So I decided to.

"So, how was everyone's nap? Did you all sleep well?" I asked.

I got small chuckles from Cindy and Owen and a slight smile from Aya, but Fern and Marina didn't look like they were in the mood for joking around.

"Sheesh, tough crowd." I said. "Stuck in a giant goldfish bowl, and suddenly I'm not funny anymore."

This got a real laugh from almost everybody, though I could still feel the somber mood. Time to get down to business.

The End

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