Marina: dun, dun, dun!

We're trapped I say, rather pointlessly as humans in scuba gear start to surround us. And I ain't going down without a fight! I finish, agreement comes from the others as I turn and swim to the top of the cove.

Fire being my power, I usually can't use it underwater. But in my fear, the water around me slowly but surly begins to bubble. A lone human sways into the bubbly mass around me and screams.

I can't contain the over powering feeling of nausea that churns in my stomach. I just boiled a human alive! Safe in my bubble of boiling water, I clutch my stomach in horror.

Looking down in an attempt to distract myself, I see Cindy has already been shot by one of the syringes, Denver soon followed. They lay there, Denver on top of Cindy in a strangely romantic hug.

Turning to the other side of the cove, I see Fern punch one of the smaller guys who had been aiming for Aya.

Aya! Watch out! I scream as I see another guy try and syringinate her. Fern turns around, fist raised to receive the liquid straight in his upper arm. The liquid pushed in, he floats to the bottom of the cove. Laying in between the multicoloured stones, white hair splayed out around his head.

Aya, who had turned when I had called her name, saw Fern go down and, in an unforeseen rage, she dived over to the man, spun in mid dive and whacked him full in the chest with her slick purple tail. The guy went catapulting into the wall on the other side of the cove.

Way to go Aya! I scream, unable to keep the admiration from my voice.

Flicking around, I see Owen surrounded by five men. He is holding out quite well so I turn back, hoping to help Aya.

I am too late.

I turn around to see her magnificently purple body floating down towards Fern.

Owen and I are left. A bit comically I think, as we don't get on.

He is hitting, and whacking pretty well whilst they can't get near me.

Admiration of Owen swells in me before I can chastise myself for it.

Suddenly, he falls. Neither of us saw where the dart came from but it is sticking out his back. With a frail kick of hs tail, he grazes one of the men before turning.

I'm all alone. The only one left. Fern, Aya, Owen, Denver and my bestest friend, practically a sister to me, are all lying on the floor of the cove.

Don't cry I tell myself as my eyes begin to burn.

All thirty odd men turn to me.

A small stab pierces the back of my neck. Some liquid enters me, making me feel drowsy.

As I fall to the floor, joining my mermates, I notice the kid -Alex- shying away from a big man who seems to be yelling at her.

Serves her right, I think, how dare she?
The End

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