Cindy: Sludge

I can't stop the laugh of delight that bubbles through my lips as we begin swimming with the dolphins. The high pitched squeals of the excited creatures mingling with our own squeals of laughter.

After a while, we calm down, stopping the laughing fit. The female dolphin, the one beside me, nudges my elbow before swimming of the the side, the male, who was swimming gracefully around Fern, who is looking less than amused, and Aya, who is sporting a large smile, follows his mate.

Should we follow them? I ask as the dolphins look back a us.

Yes. They want to show us something. Aya tells us, swimming over to the dolphins. I look to the others. Fern, Denver and Owen quickly follow Aya. Marina rolls her eyes at me before following them.

Catching up with them, I swim along side Denver, ignoring Marinas sceptical look.

After swimming roughly two miles, the sea begins to turn foggy around us. An unusual feeling of nausea creeps over me, it must of came over the others too, as one, we all slow down, looking at each other with concern.

Is that... I begin to ask but am interrupted by the two dolphins coming back for us.

I think it's some kind of pollution. Owen tells us, confirming my suspicions.

Pollution? Who would want to pollute the sea? They would be killing hundreds of species! Aya asks us, outrage showing clearly on her face.

Aya, some humans... The don't appreciate the value of the sea Marina tells her, completely surprising me, I had expected her to defend the humans. Before I could ask her about it, the dolphins start squeaking at us, clearly getting impatient.

Let's go see what they want to show us and see which Human is in deep trouble right now. Denver says, also showing anger. In silent agreement, we all head off to follow the dolphins.

The water turns muggy and dank, the oxygen quickly running out.

Not long after the dolphins turned and fled, we find the source of the pollution, getting sicker by the minute but, having completed our task, we fall back and take deep breathes of clear, unpolluted water.

We need to stop it! They are killing Zeus knows how many innocent creatures! Owen exclaims after we catch our breaths.

I know we do. But how can we? We can't breathe with that amount of pollution! Fern rationalises.

I could. I say quietly, half hoping they don't hear me.

How? Aya asks, looking at me.

Well... I could ask air to make a bubble around me and let me breathe. I tell them.

That could work! Owen and Fern say together.

Gold fish bowl! Denver shouts gleefully, causing the rest of us to laugh.

Ok. I will be back as soon as I can. I tell them, turning my back on them and hesitantly pushing myself towards the mist.

Taking as deep a breath as I can, I silently ask for air to create a bubble around my head, unable to stop myself from imagining a goldfish bowl.

With pure air filling my lungs, I am able to swim straight up to the source of the spillage and push my head above the water.

A large, metal tube is sticking out the side of the sand, releasing a sludgy black fluid, causing the water around to become black and horrible.

Getting a grip on the edge of the tube, somehow fighting the force of the sludge. Again, turning to the airs help, I ask it to send up a big gust of wind, forcing the sludge back up the tube.

Slowly, the flow of the sludge stops. Leaving a trickle falling into the sea below.

Thank you for your help I think to the air before allowing exhaustion to take over me. My body spent from holding onto the tube, over the flow of the sludge, the fumes entering my lungs despite the goldfish bowl on my head, my eyes flicker shut as my body plunges back into the sludgy sea.
The End

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