Denver: Owen Please Cook the Fish

After Marina backed off of Fern there was an awkward silence. I wasn't quite sure what to say next. I really hadn't planned on getting this far.

" you want some help getting back home? You look like you could use a rest." I finally offered. 

Fern didn't respond and I realized he had gone to sleep already. I nodded to Owen who came and put one of Fern's arms around his neck. I did the same with Fern's other arm and together we swam to the surface, changed, and helped him get home. The girls followed us and once we had gotten Fern to his bed we tip-toed quietly out. 

"So, where next?" Owen asked.

I looked around at the girls hoping for a suggestion...none of them were any help, they all just shrugged and looked to me. 

"Well fine then!" I harrumphed, "we can play follow the leader and I will take you wherever!"

With that I turned on my heel and started walking in the opposite direction of the house. I had no idea where I was going and I didn't check behind me to see if the others followed or not. I simply walked. 

"Where are you taking us?" Cindy asked from behind me. 

"I told you! We're playing follow the leader, only the leader knows where the end is!" I replied with a smirk, still not turning to look at the others. 

"In other words," I heard Owen whisper, "he has no idea where he is taking us."

"I HEARD that!" I called at Owen. All that achieved was a lot of laughter from the others.  I grinned and rolled my eyes. 

I started wracking my mind as to places we could be heading...did we really have anywhere we needed to be? No not really. Suddenly my stomach let out a very loud rumble.

"I know where we are going now!" I exclaimed. Everyone laughed, knowing exactly what I meant. 

I lead them over to my and Owen's apartment and we raided the fridge. There wasn't much in it, other than some fish that Owen and I had caught a little while ago and some eggs.

"Hey! Owen!" I called, "Get your lazy butt over here and cook us up some fish before I starve to death!"

Owen crossed his arms and stared at me. I rolled my eyes, "Alright, please get your lazy butt over here and cook us up some fish." The only reaction that got was a raised eyebrow. "Oh come on Owen!" Owen grinned but didn't move. I sighed heavily and dropped to my knees in front of him and commenced to beg in an overly dramatic tone. "Owen please! You're the only one who can save us from this deep an gnawing hunger! Please cook us up some fish so that we don't all starve!" 

After laughing for a good five minutes Owen finally relented and began to cook the fish. I sat down to catch my breath  in a chair while the girls continued to giggle.

The End

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