Owen: The Blame

I gaped as everyone started to crowd around Fern asking him questions. He looked absolutely exhausted! What had happened? 

It wasn't even five minutes later, just after Fern had seated himself when accusations began. "So, why did you lead the human down here Fern?" Marina asked with false sweetness. 

"Why are you so quick to assume?" I asked when Fern seemed too tired to answer for himself. "It wasn't necessarily his fault! What if she followed him and there was nothing he could do about it?" 

"Yeah right, he should have known if someone were following and just not come!" Marina replied acidly. "After all he is a Mermaid." She added with a sneer.

I didn't bother responding to that, there was no point in starting a fight when it could be resolved by Fern himself when he got the strength to talk again...but obviously SOMETHING had caused him to be tired like that...and I don't think it was simply from showing the girl where we were meeting. 

From that point on I just let others sit and talk about it...there really was no use even bothering to discuss it and coming up with theories as to what happened until Fern just told us. 

I didn't have to wait very long. About five minutes later Fern was feeling well enough to tell us what had happened. He ended up blaming himself, although I was not inclined to agree with that, for his accidental slip of the tongue.

I rolled my eyes as Marina chewed him out for making the mistake. I thought about telling her to just can it, that no one was hurt and we weren't discovered so there was no point in assigning blame but decided that would only turn her yelling on to me. Fern was a nice guy, but I wasn't about to let Marina yell at me for him. 

Aya was like me, she was quiet and seemed to be supportive of Fern. But then I noticed she would shoot him dirty looks when she didn't think he was looking. Did no one else support Fern? Why were they all so mad...we hadn't been discovered! No one was hurt! 

"Hey hey hey! Calm down!" Denver called, raising his hands up in the air to calm everyone down. Or maybe, knowing him, just to be theatrical about it. "No one was hurt here, and we weren't discovered alright! The human was probably just too curious for her own good anyways, let's just let this pass by with a 'don't do that again' and forget about it alright?" Cindy smiled and nodded her approval and Denver beamed.

I wonder where he had gotten the idea for that speech from...couldn't possibly have been Cindy...I thought to myself sarcastically and smiled.

Marina glared at Denver but finally caved in and moved back a little to show she was done yelling at Fern. 

The End

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