Aya: Back in Time

"Got any better spots? Because as far as I know this is still the most secluded spot around ... not to mention we need to wait here in case Fern comes..."

"Maybe I can find Fern," I offered before anyone could say anything. Owen stared at me for a few seconds. I was about to explain to him that, using my powers, I could go back in time and find out what Fern had been doing and where he was going to be, when a look of realisation crossed Owen's face.

"That would make this so much easier! Could you please do that?"

I blushed a little, feeling everyone's eyes turn to me. Then I nodded and closed my eyes before I could see the looks on everyone's faces.

"Your posture is ridiculous!"

I felt my brow wrinkle in confusion. Posture? Suddenly, I heard something to my side. My head snapped around and I realised that there was a little being by my side, playing in the sand. I gasped and quickly ducked down behind a large rock. It looked just like one of my sun-bathing rocks that I used to love when I was little.

"Sorry for not knowing how to surf, Alex!" I heard a male voice say. That voice sounded vaguely familiar...

"Surf?" There was a tinkling laugh. "That isn't surfing. More like falling off your board before you even reach the waves!"

"I did say that I didn't know how to..." the male voice trailed off. "Alex, I think I need to go now."

"Go where?" the female voice said.

"Just somewhere."

"Where?" the persistent female voice said. I decided to watch them. This looked like it was going to end up better for the girl. Then I remembered that I was meant to be looking for Fern. I sighed, and started to move off. Then the male spoke again.

"I'm sorry, but I can't disclose that information."

My breath snagged in my throat. That voice, that familiar way of speaking... I think I've just found Fern.

"Disclose the information? You are so proper!" the girl laughed again. "Come on, Fern. If you won't tell me, I'll just follow you!"

I peeked out from behind the rock. Thank goodness I hadn't moved far enough to go out of my hiding spot. Fern was looking agitated. He was no longer trying to stand up on the board, and was instead standing next to it, legs being lapped by the waves.

"Don't follow me, please," Fern said. There was a tone of pleading in his voice, and I felt sorry for him.

"Why not? Are you visiting a..." there was a gasp from the blonde human. "A girl? Who would've thought it?"

For some reason I felt my heart beat faster. Did Fern have a mate?

"No! I'm not!" Fern said, and my heartbeat returned to normal. Aya! What was the heartbeat-speeding up all about? I asked myself. And I honestly didn't know.

"Are you sure?" the girl prodded.

"Please, Alex, just leave me be," Fern sighed. I felt myself sigh with him. Human girls are just so persistent. If she was a mermaid, she would have been considered extremely rude. "I'm going to the cove and there's nothing you can..." he trailed off, face paling.

"The cove, hey?" the girl said. "Kara!"

The little girl next to me stood up. I watched her with intense curiosity. Young humans looked so ... so vulnerable.

"We're going to the cove."

I gasped. So that was the human who had gone down to the cove earlier! I felt disappointed in Fern. How could he? He had let a human come down to the cove, where everyone else was!

I gave him one last glare that I was sure he couldn't see before vanishing.

The End

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