Owen: HIDE!

Cindy's eyes widened in stunned surprise and I looked behind and above me to see what had caused that reaction. There was a figure swimming toward us. I couldn't make out who it was but it certainly wasn't Fern, the figure was far to feminine.


That was all that was going through my mind as I shot away. I didn't even think to warn the others, I just swam as fast I could away from the intruder. I reached a small outcropping of rock and took shelter behind it. As I peeked out from behind it I saw that all the others had quickly followed my example...and none to soon because the girl had just reached the spot where we had been. If she had seen us she must have just assumed we had been big fish because she didn't look particularly astonished, which she would have if she had realized she had seen merpeople... she was however obviously looking for something, maybe she had dropped a ring or something somewhere.

It wasn't long before she had to return back to the surface for air however, and she didn't come back down. So after waiting enough time to be sure that she wasn't going to be coming back, we emerged once again from our hiding spots and began to congregate back at the meeting spot. 

"Maybe we should meet someplace else?" was the first thing Marina suggested when we were all settled. 

"Got any better spots? Because as far as I know this is still the most secluded spot around...not to mention we need to wait here in case Fern comes..." I answered. Maybe a little more acidly than I had intended to.

Marina withdrew looking slightly hurt and I was immediately ashamed of my hurtful remark.  "Maybe I can find Fern," Aya offered, cutting in before I could apologize.  

For a few seconds I just stared at her before I realized that her powers would let her find him without a problem. I grinned. "That would make this so much easier! Could you please do that?"

 Aya blushed a little and nodded before closing her eyes and then disappearing completely. It wasn't long before she was back and looking a little put out. "He's with that girl," she sneered, well, as close to a sneer as a shy girl like her could get to at any rate.  

"What girl?" Cindy asked curiously, I could hear the tint of sympathy in her voice. 

"The one that just swam down here."

The End

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