Cindy: regroup in the comfort of the sea

I watch Marina and Aya walk off with a frown.

"Huh? I have to admit, I did not see that coming." I say allowed, watching the vanishing shadows.

"Oh we'll. Don't you think we should get back to class?" Someone asks, I am to confused to bother figuring out who, I just mutually agree. As we walk away, I thank the air for shielding us and send it away.

Denver scoots up to walk next to me. Out of the side of my eye, I admire him. He has a nice, manly face with a good jaw. His lips are nice and full as he gives a smile to Owen. His short, curly hair waves slightly in the breeze as we walk to the main building.

He picks his timetable out of his bag and looks at it. He then asks me what I have. I frown for a minute, having forgotten, and then reach into my bag.

"Mythology," I say, looking at hm, into his Sweet, light green eyes.

"Me too!" He tells me with a smile. "I have a good feeling about this class!"

I nervously give him a grin back, worried I case he thinks I look stupid. He puts his arm around me and I fight the urge to squeal with happiness as my heart flutters in my chest. I am convinced he can hear it and will laugh at me but instead, he looks to the others, asking what they have. They all confirm they have Mythology.

We walk into class to see every one else has taken their seats. I glance over and smile at one of my human friends, Yasmin. She smiles back and mouths, "Who is he?" I just shrug back at her and go over to take my seat next to Denver in the back row.

Mrs Winters comes in and introduces herself. I blank out, finding it hard to concentrate when I keep glancing over at Denver.

I catch the word Mermaid from the teacher and immediately look up, starting to pay attention.

"Contrary to Popular bel,if, there is no such thing as mermen." She tells us. I freeze. Deliberately not looking at Denver next to me. What is he then? Fern? Owen? If there are no males, what in the name of the great white shark are they?

Mrs Winters calls Denvers name and I realise he had his arm in the air. "How do mermaids reproduce?" He asks. I feel my cheeks begin to burn and know they are bright pink. I laugh along with the rest of the class, looking out at the side of my eyes to see Denver huddled in his seat with cheeks fl,among red. Awww I think before quickly glancing away.

I whizz through the rest off my classes, noticing at least one of my new friends in each of them. I wonder at the fact that we have all seen each other everyday, lived on the same island and only just found each other.

I wander home at the end of the day, still wandering about the world and weird coincidences. At home, I do some homework and then go down and have tea, filling my mum in on us and our situation with Aya.

My mum had just been starting her usual boy conversation, noticing me turning red and starting to quiz me on who he is. My phone rings. I pick it up and see it is Marina. Thank you so much I tell her silently before making my excuses and leaving the room.

"Hello? is that Cindy?" She asks me.

"Well who else do you think it would be?" I ask her sarcastically?

Hi Cindy. Do you want to come over to the cove? I want to chat"

"Yeah sure, sounds good." I tell her.

"Okay, see you there" She tells me, "Apread the word to you know...the others" She adds in hesitantly, "And Cindy? I'm sorry for being so mean to Aya, it wasn't like that, I swear." She adds in. I furrow my head in confusions but my mouth speaks automatically.

"No, no, it's ok."

"yeah, ok. I'll see you soon. Bye." She says, shutting of the phone. Huh? She didn't do anything mean to Aya I think to myself but I tell my mum I'm going to the cove and then leave, heading to the beach. I don't bother telling the others to go their. Mainly because I don't know how to contact them and also because we had already agreed earlier to meet their.

I reach the beach and wander over to the cave which leads to our cove. I enter the water, feeling it soaking over my legs, merging them together and changing my dark blue jeans into a light green leg fin. I feel my top spread back, changing to the same green as my fin and covering my chest area. Now that we have met males, I suddenly feel ten times more grateful for the bakini which automatically emerges.

I fully submerge into the water, feeling my bright red hair spread out in the calm wave of the water. I take in a mouthful of water, feeling my body search out the air molecules, sending the water back out through gills that appear at the sides of our throats.

With a quick and powerful wave of my tail, a send my body shooting through the water and tithe bottom of our cove. I find Aya and Marina all ready in the bottom. Denver and Owen just enter through the bottom hole, Owen giving Denver a playful shrug. I go over and lie on the send next to Denver, enjoying the feel of his sea blue tail flicking waves of water over my back.

Where's Fern? Aya asks as their appears to be no body swimming towards us.

Not sure, he had went into the bathroom at break and I didn't see him come back out. I heard someone say a girl brought him out, said he didn't look well. Owen says. Alas face crumples in worry.

Just then, a shape starts to swim towards us. I feel a flicker of worry as I do not recognise the shape.

The End

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