Fern: A Long Day

The very first thing I became aware of as I was slowly pulled from the oppressing darkness of unconsciousness was a voice, a pleasant and oddly familiar one, calling out something unidentifiable from somewhere distant. At least that’s what it sounded like to my woozy head.

Then, as all my other senses started coming back to me, I felt someone else’s fingers brushing against my knuckles.

That single touch was enough to jumpstart my mind, the rush of mixed thoughts and flashes of unrelated images causing me to sit bolted upright, hands lashing out to clutch the sides of my head to stop the sudden pain that threatened to split open my skull.

“Whoa, easy there, boy!” that same voice shouted in warning, sounding much more closer now that I was fully awake – too close, actually.

Groaning at the loud noise, I waited for the headache to subside to a more tolerable dull pain before turning my head to the right. There’s a girl sitting by what I then had realised was my bedside. She looked normal enough with her sun tanned skin, square shaped face and bleached hair; except for the fact that she was wearing a very weird colourful looking suit and a ridiculously large top hat that I had never seen on any human. 

She was staring at me with these deep sea-green eyes (the exact same tone that I loved to use in my paintings) and I couldn't shake the feeling that I had seen them somewhere before, though I couldn't place them.  

Wrenching my eyes away from all that color, I looked around at the walls, ceiling, curtains (all of them an eerie white) and the intimidating looking contraptions that made up the unknown surroundings.

“You look confused,” started the girl in a worried tone, though when I turned to look at her she was leaning over my bed and grinning in a rather unnerving way, “so I’m going to fill in the gaps for you. What do you say?"

That was obviously not meant for me to answer so I kept my mouth shut and waited for her to continue while also subtly attempting to regain some distance between us. Why is she so close?!

“You were in the boy’s bathroom - don't ask me why I was there - and obviously not feeling well. I offered my assistance, which you declined. Then I tried to check your temperature, but you freaked out when I touched you and ended up puking your guts out and passing out on the floor,” she finished explaining, grinning throughout the whole thing.

I blushed horribly at this. I didn’t even need to remember that accident, seeing as it was all being played out in the girl’s head with great detail. But I knew and saw that it was true. I felt embarrassed, not only because of what happened but why it had happened in the first place.

It was all because of my powers. I just couldn’t handle it any more: all those people, those out-of-control emotions, thoughts and images. It had proved too much too soon.

“Alex, just Alex. And you’re Fern, right? Like the colour?”
“… Yeah…”

She threw me a coquettish smile at my tentative reply and I had to forcefully but temporarily break the one-way connection between our minds to keep myself from blushing at the direction her thoughts seemed to be heading as she leaned even closer, scrutinizing my features. 

It wasn't just her ... inappropriate... thoughts. Diving into her mind was like taking a false step over the edge of an abyss; there was no support, no anchor, no centre or core emotion. And that was the last thing my spinning head needed right now... nothing to hold on to.

“Here,” she said, suddenly leaning back and taking off her tall hat, performing a few strange gestures over it before taking out a cellphone from its depths and handing it over to me. “You’ve slept through the last two periods and the nurse said you were well enough to go home. You want to call someone to pick you up?” 

I contemplated the device for a moment before calmly answering, “No, thank you. I’m fine, I can walk back home.” As I said that, I got out of the bed, checking that I still had all my clothes on and grabbing my bag, which was on the floor beside the bed, before heading to the door.

I stopped there, my hand still at the handle, and turned around one last time to face the strange girl. 

“Thank you… Alex.” 

She gave me a full grin and made a gesture with her hat that I had seen a few times in one of Kai’s old movies. I smiled softly and left the room. 


After stopping by my guardian's house to eat and finish my afternoon shores, which included walking Othello, I decided to head to the beach to pass time until the meeting hour at the cove.

Being Monday, there weren't a lot of humans socializing or relaxing at the beach, but I still searched for a more secluded place along the bay. I was currently resting on a sand dune near the rock wall that hid the cove from prying eyes.

It was a beautiful day, not as hot as yesterday but not cold either, with a gentle breeze blowing from the sea and no animals to disturb the quietness. It was like that accident had never happened and I only wished I could stay like this forever and never have to go to that dreadful place humans call school. Though I did enjoy the classes… maybe I could continue being home schooled…

“Hi, Fern!”

“Ah!” I shouted in surprise as my view of the sky was suddenly obstructed by someone’s head. I pushed myself up and turned around while scurrying away from the two figures that now stood on top of the dune, laughing their heads off.

“Kara!” I exclaimed, recognizing the smaller brunette that had jumped off the dune and ran up to me, falling to my lap with her arms around my neck. She giggled in response, hugging me closer, her sea green eyes twinkling.

“Hey, how come my little sister gets all the love,” the taller figure complained, walking up to us.

“Yes, Alex. Don’t tell me you had already forgotten my name,” the blonde known as Alex joked with a half-grin. She wore the bottom half part of a wetsuit and a white tank top over her swimsuit, a long white surfing board under her arm. "Now, who's up for some surfing?"

This was going to be a long day...


The End

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