Denver: Mythology

As we leave the pool, I fall into step with Cindy. We don't say anything, just walk in comfortable silence. Owen gives me a strange look, knowing I can't stay quiet for long. I just smile at him and he turns away.

I pull out my schedule to see my next class. It's Mythology.

I turn to Cindy. "Where are you off to?"

She pulls out her schedule and looks at me. "Mythology."

I smile. "Me too! I have a good feeling about this class." I say, flashing her a smile.

She gives me back a shy grin that looks adorable on her. I somehow get the nerve to gently lay my arm across  her shoulders, and she doesn't shrug me off. Success.

I turn to the others. "What about you guys? What are all of y'all's next classes?"

One by one, they all pull out their schedules, and each one answers with Mythology. I smile. This was definitely going to be a great class.

We all arrive at room 2E just as the bell rings. Luckily, there is one table in the back that is free, letting us all sit close to each other.

We all take our seats, and the teacher begins.

"Hello, class. My name is Mrs. Winters, and I will be your Mythology teacher."

She is answered by several hellos and a few rude comments, both of which she seems obvious to.

"Today, we are going to learn about a very popular myth: Mermaids."

She turns to write on the board, and I share a look with Owen, Cindy, and Fern: we've got this class in the bag.

She turns back around, and says something that blows me away: "Contrary to popular belief, there are no such thing as mermen."

My hand shoots up before I even think about it. When she calls on me, I simply say "How else do mermaids reproduce?"

The class breaks ink laughter, and I feel my face go red as I realize what I just said. I can't bring myself to look at Cindy, and I hear Owen laughing his head off.

"Yes, well. Mermaids aren't real anyways, so we don't have to worry about that, now do we?" she replies.

I sink down into my chair and only halfway pay attention for the rest of class. Almost everything she says I'd completely wrong.

Before we leave, Mrs. Winters passes out some papers.

"These are the guidelines for a group project due in two weeks. It is on mermaids. You will work with the people at your table, and I expect nothing but the best from all of you." she says, just as the bell rings.

As I leave the classroom, I swear I feel her eyes boring into my back.

The End

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