Cindy: Danger

"So, Aya, what were you doing in the Home.Ec room?" I hear someone ask as I sit and enjoy the soft, salty breeze.

"Um..." Aya replies nervously, I open my eyes to have a look at her, her purple eyes looking anywhere but at us.

"Its ok, nothing to worry about. We wont laugh." I tell her sympathetically whilst glancing over at Denver to see him quickly glance away. I can't stop the grin that spreads over my face.

"At least most of us won't." Fern adds, looking pointedly at Denver who deliberately ignores him.

"Wel... I dont really have..." Aya begins but she stops, looking around at us all. I look over at the calm waters of the swimming pool, wishing I was back in the cove.

"What? Spill it please. We will understand and try to help." Marina speaks up, I drag my eyes away from the pool at the slight irritation in Marinas voice.

"Calm it gal." I tell her, throwing my head back to look at her, she glares at me before smiling.

"Sorry, Aya." She says. I roll my eyes and sit up.

"Want some peace?" I ask her as I spot a teacher heading towards us. Marina immediately stands up straighter, readying her excuse for being out here. Everyone else is apparantly oblivious.

"How? we are quit peacfull here, are we not?" Aya asks before spotting the teacher, "Oh! Whos that?" She asks.

"Oops. Thats Mr Moir, we best go!" Denver says, jumping up.

"No. Give me a minute." I tell them before closing my eyes.

Air. Come to me, hide us from prying eyes. Let us speak in peace. I say in my mind. I feel the calming of the salty air around us moving closer, creating a cloak around our frozen phrames.

Mr Moir walks closer, His short black hair waving slightly in his eyes. A collective gasp fills the group as he walks right past us,  his piercing green eyes staring straight through Aya.

"Sweet!" Denver says as Mr Moir walks past, his long, black coat trailing behind him. "That  is awsome!" I feel my cheeks turning bright red and quickly look away.

"It was nothing. Something I learned comes in handy a while ago."

"Aya, please tell us why you were there, we need to know to help you." Fern says. I look at Aya sitting running her bare feet over the grass. She looks up and opens her mouh to speak.

The End

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