Denver: Finding Aya

I walk through the doors of the school, finally feeling at home. For some reason, school was the only place I felt truly comfy, Except the I sea of course. I scan the tops of heads, looking for Cindy. I don't see her.

Disappointed, I walk to my locker, turn the dial, and pull it open. Just before I'm bombarded by Sarah. Looking at her, I don't see how I ever liked her. Maybe I didn't. Maybe she was one of the ones I dated just because she's a cheerleader.

I shake my head, trying to focus on her words and not letting my mind wander.

"Hey Denver! You want to join the swim team?" she asks me sweetly, putting a hand on my arm. Her nails are painted the school colors, blue and white.

I smile my charming smile at her, hoping to lure her away. "No thanks, Sarah. I'm not one for swimming."

Owen pops up behind me, snorting. "Oh, whatever, Denver. You're a natural." He leans over to Sarah, and in a stage whisper says, "He almost swims like a fish."

This earns him an elbow to the gut. He grunts, smiles at me, then walks away, a taunting gleam in his eye. I shoot him the death glare, then turn back to Sarah. She looks hopeful. Man, I hate crushing dreams.

Taking a deep breath, I smile wider then I did before, turning on my full charm. "Sarah, babe." I said, trying to distract her. I picked up one of her jet black locks and stroke it, even though every nerve in my body tells me to drop it. Them I catch sight of a flash of red hair. I hastily grab my bag, slam my locker, and tear off down the hall, leaving Sarah looking confused.

I duck into a class room after her, only to find out that it's the Home Ec teacher, Mrs. Gertrude. I smile at her, but something catches my eye. In the corner, I see a familiar shade of purple.

Stepping over, I see the human form of Aya curled up on a counter. Before Mrs. Gertrude can find her and yell at her, I shake her awake and lead her out the back way.

It takes us a while, but we finally find Owen. With him tagging along, it's not long until we run into Fern.

"Pst, Fern." I whisper, motioning for him to come over. "Look who I found."

The End

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