I got shivers up my spine as I sensed a storm coming. A big one. I was about to say so to the others when Fern told us so.

I looked at Denver who was looking back at me. I wanted to ask if he wanted to come with me. But before I got the chance, Owen pulled him away. I watched them swim out the cove and then turned to Fern and Aya.

I suppose I will go. I need to tell Marina about turning human. Do you know how he turned? I spoke into the silence, looking straight into ferns black looking eyes.

Sorry. Not really. he replied after a long pause. I was a little disappointed but I hid it from my expression. Instead I gave a sad smile, thought a shiver that was creeping up my spine, and then swam out.

As I reached land, I concentrated on the tingle at the centre of my body and sent it to my fin. I felt it melt back into my human legs and a comfy pair of blue jeans materialized on them. The shell cup which had been covering my breasts faded and turned into a tight light green t-shirt.

I stepped out of the choppy sea. Taking a deep breath in, I closed my eyes and concentrated on the air around me. Willing it to bend to my will. To do as I ask of it. The reassuring calm filled me as it obliged.

Cover me. Make me warm and invisible to prying eyes I asked. I felt the air wrap itself around me like a quilt.

As I left the beach I passed humans who ignored me completely. There eyes slipping right past me.

I reached Marinas house and asked the air to keep me warm but make me visible. It did so as I knocked on the door. Marinas small, childlike mother answered the door and allowed me in.

"She is in her room" she told me as I went down the hall and knocked on her door.

"What? Leave me alone." She grumbled. I took that as an invitation and entered the room.

"You are in a good mood!" I said brightly as I saw her lying on her bed staring at her posters.

"Leave me alone!" She complained.

"You won't be saying that once I tell you what I found out!" I said moving to sit on the end of her bed. I grimaced at the choice of some of her posters then I continued to tell her. "Terenis a way to turn human!" I said. She stared at me an then jumped up.

"What!?" She screamed at me. Her eyes wide.

"You heard" I told her.

The End

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