I look at Owen's face and roll my eyes at him. He's hungry. If only mom were here... I snap out of it and race ahead to our hideout, unlocking the door.

I look through the shelves and find a package of poptarts. I feel my stomach growl, but I only take a small peice, and give the rest to Owen. That's when we both hear a noise.

We look at each other, than each grab a pole, heading tothe back of the small building. I see a little brown head, then a slightly larger one. I shake my head. It can't be...

My smile widens as I realize that it's my family. They're back! I run up to them, a smile on my face. I give both of my little sisters a kiss, then give my parents big hugs. I turn around to see Owen doing the same. My family is as close as he's got to one now.

We all go back to the main room, and Mom goes to the store to buy us food. Man, I love my mom. After we eat, we all settle in for the night. I give my only blanket to my little sisters, and see Owen give his to my parents. We look at each other, shrug, a collapse on thefloor beside each other, hoping to keep warm. But I can barely sleep, becuase tomorrow is school, the highlight of my week...

The End

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