Owen - Getting Out

I watched as the annoying girl left. Relief flooded through me, she kind of annoyed me. Ok more than kind of, she hit a nerve. It wasn’t just that she had stolen my dinner either, she just had a tense, hateful air about her and I didn’t like it. But who was I kidding, it was just a first impression and those weren’t always right…it wouldn’t be easy to giver her a fair second chance though…I would have to do my best.

I kind of spaced out as everyone talked for a little longer until I felt something bad. Silver-hair turned around just in time to get his cheek grazed by a surgeonfish…could have been dinner I thought briefly as my stomach grumbled deeply. But then I was pulled my mind back to the present, there was a storm coming I felt it. I turned to Denver, who was edging closer to the red-head girl…Cindy I think her name was, and pulled his arm, “Come on Denver, we gotta go, now. We have to get out of the water and get to our hide-out on land before the storm hits or we’re dead meat.”

“But…” Denver started. I glared at him. Denver rolled his eyes. “Yes Dad...”

I rolled my eyes at him in return then, after a quick goodbye to the other mer-people, hurried off. I felt kinda left out of that group anyway and wasn’t too put out at leaving them, but as we rushed off Denver seemed annoyed and sad to leave.

“We didn’t figure out a time to meet again,” Denver complained as we reached land and morphed back into humans. The great thing about turning human was that you ended up wearing whatever clothes you imagined yourself wearing when you started the transformation.

“You’ll see most of them at school if you really need to see them again I brushed off his complaint and started moving at a brisk pace away from the beach and toward an abandoned part of the city where we could find a building to weather out the storm in till tomorrow when we would have to go to school.

My stomach growled again, reminding me that I still hadn’t had dinner, I growled irritably as there was not going to be another chance for me to get food until after school tomorrow. That annoying girl had really ruined my day. It was going to beveryhard to giver her a fair second chance. I wished I had some money to go get a pizza or something, I didn’t really care for human food, it tasted strange, but it was better than nothing. Oh well, would live till after school, if only just barely.

The End

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