Marina: To much.

Once I had allowed the poor fish to swim free I debated what I should do next. I longed to go back up to the fresh air where I belong but I couldn't leave Cindy alone with they two monsters.

Eventually, I decided to go back to the cove. Once back I saw five mermaids. I widened my eyes in shock. Never in my life had I seen so many who had been cursed with this.

There was Cindy, looking dopey eyed at the Denver guy. Next to him was Owen with his Ruby red tail and matching eyes. Then there was a girl with purple hair, eyes and tail. She was glancing, continuously, at a guy with plaits in his hair. The girl was speaking. Telling them about her past. Something about being in the sea and running away from her Nan. I felt sorry for her. Having been stuck in the sea all her life. Cindy looked at me and gave a small smile no one else seemed to notice.

I tune out until Owen spoke directly to me.

Are you going to wack me again? He sounded a little nervous so I sparred a small smile at him.

As long as you don't hurt anymore fish I won't. I told him, Who are you two? I then asked the two whom I hadn't caught the name of.

I am Fern and she is Aya. The guy with plaits in his white hair explained to me.

Ok. That's good that we know each other. But I have to go home. Sorry. Bye. I said before hurriedly swimming away. I got to the beach, transforming my legs on the way, and then walked home.

Unsurprisingly, Cindy called me a couple hours later, scorning me on my impoliteness and going on about how lucky it is we have found others. I didn't believe her.

"Why do I have to be cursed with this? why me? what on Earth did I do to deserve this?" I asked my reflection in the mirror as I entered my room. With a sigh I went over to my bed and collapsed, sobbing onto it.

The End

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